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Beat value chart
Music Theory

A great chart to help you comprehend written meter and the relationship between different note values.

Basic Rythm Chart
Music Theory

Remember to not to fall behind the beat, it's better to start at a slower tempo, and play with a consistent meter. Then you can work your way up to full speed, once you are comfortable with the song you are learning. Also, remember to practice both with and without a metronome.

Circle of fifths chart
Music Theory

A helpful chart to help you learn your scales.

Scale cheat sheet

A good starting point to work on your rudimentary scales.

Common chord progressions

A good starting point for learning to improvise, and compose your own original songs.

Live Performance Tips

Get tips on being a considerate band mate, getting gigs, being prepared for live performance including keyboard, amplification and set-up information. Pertinent advice in regard to dealing with venue management, soundcheck and that 'grouchy' sound guy will also be covered if necessary.

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